Whether it be professional or smartphone photography, this art has become an everyday language. Through encounters with photography professionals and didactic programmes for everyone, and especially those of school-age, the aim is to develop moments for reflection, socialization and entertainment via a predominant, contemporary form of expression.

The Carlo Laviosa Foundation wants to connect with photographic associations in our area, supporting the work already started by the Amministrazione Comunale di Livorno with the “Tavolo della fotografia” association (photography forum), throwing up opportunities for exchange and comparison, becoming a point of reference for developing projects which give value to local energies.

The “Photography and the World of Work” project promoted by the Carlo Laviosa Foundation, takes place in four stages.

  • Exhibitions: Every year, one exhibition of the works of an important artist is organized.
  • Annual competition: aimed at representing work in all its facets. Putting people and social dynamics at the centre of a photographic competition means going beyond everyday borders to link and compare realities which are geographically far removed.
  • Creative and didactic courses: the beginning of an approach bringing young people closer to journalistic investigation, far from “hit and run” reporting. Working groups will investigate current themes with the support of professional photographers. The aim is to promote an approach to reality which is informative while encouraging respect for the individual. Investigating the world of work brings young people closer to an environment which for many remains abstract for too long.
  • Workshops and public events: moments of in-depth exploration and public exchange. This programme is in parallel to those mentioned above.

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