A project to recount the world of work through photography.

The Carlo Laviosa Foundation is closely linked to Laviosa Chimica Mineraria both in terms of financial resources and in terms of the type of projects undertaken.

President of the Foundation Giovanni Laviosa’s life experience is that of the industrial reality of Laviosa Chimica Mineraria; and it is therefore themes from the world of work that are the focus of the Carlo Laviosa Foundation for exploration, such as a more equitable distribution of company profits and a more horizontal organisational structure, where process has priority over function. Since 2016 the Foundation has promoted a programme which recounts the world of work through photography. Believing that photography, driven by individual sensitivity and creativity, is a window onto contemporary life, the Carlo Laviosa Foundation supports an intellectual programme of study, debate, grants and competitions, which allows for a deep exploration of the world of work and human resources: awakening consciousness and questioning the relationship between the individual and work, business and society; in other words, the very meaning of economic activity.

The municipality of the Comune di Livorno is part of our programme, generally hosting the Foundation’s exhibitions at the Granai di Villa Mimbelli and supporting us in the organisation of our didactic programmes and photographic workshops in the villa’s library.

Fondazione Laviosa