The Carlo Laviosa Foundation and the municipality of the Comune di Livorno, in collaboration with the Fotoclub Nove, a FIAF 2283 affiliated association, present the 4th “Photography and the World of Work” competition. The 2021 edition is entitled “We will travel again: working in tourism between tradition and new forms of hospitality”, the theme being tourism and the activities of hospitality and innovative enterprises from cultural and green tourism to the many non-conformist offers of travel and hospitality. At the heart of the competition is a sector which, through a comprehensive and diverse range of offers, defines our cultural identity and is kept alive by millions of workers and thousands of businesses who find themselves in crisis today due to the pandemic.

Through the eyes of the competition participants, professional and amateur photographers alike, we are asking for a testimony of work in tourism, not excluding a vision of what the artists would not like to lose from the world of hospitality or some critical or ironic hint but which nonetheless focuses attention on the human capital essential to Italy’s immense productive capacity, in the shape of tourism. So that the power of an image might fix our memory and Art help us to understand that which escapes rational thinking and accompany us and support us in difficult times.

The photographers can enter the competition with single images or a visual narrative project consisting of a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 photos.

The 2021 competition jury is coordinated by Simona Manfredini – Carlo Laviosa Foundation and Alessandro Paron – TST Art Gallery. Presiding will be Letizia Battaglia, internationally renowned photographer and honorary citizen of Livorno. The judges are:

  • Federica Berzioli, Director of “Il Fotografo” magazine;
  • Giacomo Bretzel, professional photographer;
  • Maddalena Fossati, Director of Condé Nast Traveller;
  • Giovanni Laviosa, President of the Carlo Laviosa Foundation;
  • Simone Lenzi, Councilor for Culture at the Comune di Livorno;
  • Angelo Loy, documentary Director and President of the Fondazione Giuseppe Loy;
  • Carlo Lucarelli AFI EFI EFIAP, FIAF Regional Delegate for Tuscany.

The Prizes

  • 1st prize (for a single image or photographic narrative): 4,000 €
  • 22nd prize for a single image: 2,500 €
  • 22nd prize for a photographic narrative: 2,500€
  • 33rd prize for a single image: 1,000 €
  • 33rd prize for a photographic narrative: 1,000€.

The competition closes with an exhibition at the Granai di Villa Mimbelli in Livorno – Museo Civico Giovanni Fattori di Livorno which will be inaugurated in June 2021.


To participate in the competition “We will travel again: working in tourism – between tradition and new forms of hospitality” please read the announcement and fill out the form (download left) listing information relative to the format, submission of photos and accompanying documents and payment of the enrolment fee.

Enrolment fee: 30 euros. 25 euros for FIAF members.

To be admitted to the competition all the requirements in the announcement must be met.

competition entries and submission of photographs close at midnight on May 16th.

The jury will announce the results of the 4th edition of “Photography and the world of work” by 1st June 2021. The winning entries will then be exhibited at the Granai di Villa Mimbelli in Livorno, Museo Civico Giovanni Fattori, via San Jacopo in Acquaviva 65.

Information and contact:
concorso2021@laviosa.comsimona.manfredini@laviosa.com – (+39) 0586 1837460

Fondazione Laviosa