From July 3rd to September 5th 2021 the 125 photos chosen from the 4th edition of our competition “Photography and the world of work” organised by the Carlo Laviosa Foundation and the municipality of the Comune di Livorno.
Address: Museo civico Giovanni Fattori – Granai di villa Mimbelli
Via San Jacopo in Acquaviva 65 – Livorno, Italy
The exhibition is free and open to the public from 4 pm to 7 pm, Tuesday to Sunday
Guided tours can be booked at: 0586 1837460
For access details telephone: 0586 808001

The title of the competition and the expression “new beginnings” make me think that I should take nothing for granted: our feelings, work, friendships and interests need care. The beautiful photos we received for the competition are looking to the future but at the same they also represent a past we thought was guaranteed.
In my view, beginning again does not mean going back to where we started but rather it means adding what we have learned.
Thanks to those who helped us to tell the future.

With these words, Giovanni Laviosa, President of the Carlo Laviosa opened the “We Will Travel again: working in tourism between tradition and new forms of hospitality” exhibition and launched the prize giving ceremony for the winners of the 2021 competition.

This edition of the Carlo Laviosa Foundation photographic competition is both a milestone and a starting point, added vice-President Piero Starita – a milestone in the sense that we have been able to maintain the continuity of the contest, initiated in 2018, bringing concrete contributions to the project Photography and the world of work; a starting point in the development of the initiative to create a photographic competition using the experience gained from the four previous editions allowing us today, to look forward with more ambitious objectives to include photographers from the widest and most diverse places, cultures and experiences.
Four editions realised despite the difficulties and the restrictions imposed by the 2020/2021 pandemic, is proof of a solid project and fine organisation; a fact which reassures us in our decision to develop the “competition” as a means of promoting the “Photography and the world of work” project as well as the Foundation in a wider sense.

The inauguration of the exhibition was led by Simone Lenzi, Councillor for Culture of the Comune di Livorno and by Giovanni Laviosa, President of the Carlo Laviosa Foundation (Saturday July 3rd 2021)

PHOTO GALLERY Inauguration by Francesco Levy and Emiliano Cicero

The winners of the “We will travel again: working in tourism between tradition and new forms of hospitality” competition – The Jury’s appreciation 2021

First Prize overall
EMILIA’S LAST DANCE by Pietro Romeo and Ambra Montanari
This photographic story told by Pietro Romeo and Ambra Montanari won the first prize overall because it most closely represented the saying that “behind every photograph is a story to be told”.
The authors were able to recount an aspect of the life of Italians in their free time and of the pleasure of being together.
Through great attention to detail, use of colour and staging they highlighted the culture of entertainment and of work.
Their visual research framed the expressions and the body language of singers, musicians, managers and dancing couples, rebuilding the image of a land yearning to return to the dance halls, free and joyful.

Second prize/Single image category
UMANITA’ (Humanity) by Giuliano Del Gatto
This photographer prefers to shoot images of happy and unexpected moments, making the most of the party atmosphere, cheerfulness and surprise.
With a single image the author was able to grasp the joy and the emotion at the climax of a ceremony.

Second prize/ Photo-story category
SPORCA ESTATE (Dirty Summer) by Daniele Stefanini
Daniele Stefanini photographed inner feelings of anticipation. The light and the angle of his photographs have such strength of communication as to replace the spoken word. The photographer got up close to the comings and goings of tourists and workers, even capturing the noise of the big piazzas where travellers are boarding for their holidays and workers are beginning seasonal works. His use of black and white photography serves the story-telling and creates a realistic representation of the moment.

Third prize/ single image category
GIOVANNI by Marika Puicher
Marika Puicher imagined a new idea for the future and for the future of work. Intense work as an opportunity for inclusion but also for self-determination. The image depicts Giovanni, a young worker in a new B&B run by managers with Downs Syndrome.
The photo shows a moment in Giovanni’s working day while he poses smiling, surrounded by a luminous frame.

Third prize / Photo-story category
YES TO ALL by Nicolò Panzeri and Mattia Micheli
A tale of mass tourism with a close focus on the mountain environment, reflecting the commercialisation of a place. The authors were able to capture the aesthetic sense of a mountain which has perfectly adapted to reflect the image of the contemporary, urban tourist. A usually inhospitable landscape is built up upon urban habits, extravagant fashions, cement and cars. The photo reportage shows a modernity which dominates contrasting with what is left of Alpine traditions.

Special Prize Photo-story category
Ritornano le vacanze in relax e sicurezza (Returning to safe and relaxing holidays) by Fabio Del Ghianda
Fabio Del Ghianda re-examines the contest theme in a light-hearted and ironic way using Barbie as his symbol of contemporary, western culture.
The author set himself an exercise in self-irony, bringing us amusing and unexpected images. His photo sets turn around the surgical mask (that we have all come to know so well over the last year) and Barbie, using details that invite us to have fun and leave our worries behind.


A selection of photos will be on show in Livorno until 5th September 2021 at the Museo civico Giovanni Fattori – Granai di villa Mimbelli).

Fondazione Laviosa